Since 1989 we have been partnering with our Grocery clients
to increase the bottom line while protecting their brand.

What have we learned?

What is the most common result from an unsafe act?

Normally nothing. Like lightning strikes, accidents are unpredictable. Unsafe locations can go months without a loss and then have three in a week. Unsafe behavior does not always cause accidents, but accidents are always caused by unsafe behavior. Like coming out of the storm, a good safety equipment program can help eliminate the possibility of the next strike.

Can safety really be a major factor in the company bottom line?

Yes! In business, like in sports, successful teams always have a strong defense. The offense (operations) scores the points, but defense (Risk/Safety) protects them. The stronger the defense, the easier it is for the offense to win the game. Front Line Safety helps you build a strong and effective defense for a WINNING bottom line.

What are the 3 most frequent accidents in a grocery store?

1. Slips, trips, and falls
2. Cuts or lacerations
3. Sprains and strains
For solutions to these accidents and to understand how your challenges compare to the rest of the industry, talk to a Front Line Safety Thought Partner.