Front Line Safety is an award-winning solution-based provider of safety and first aid equipment, focused on compliance and results, through innovation and partnership. Since 1989 we have been helping clients realize their safety goals and objectives by designing custom programs and equipment to create unique answers to today’s most challenging loss exposures.

Concierge Service

Safety is personal. Whether it’s your employees or guests you want to protect, their personal safety is of the highest importance to you. We believe taking care of all of your safety needs and helping you examine those related challenges is what your properties deserve. Your dedicated account representative and customized website are just two of the many ways we offer a concierge experience.

Customized Website

A one-stop-shop, easy-to-access website populated only with the tailor-made list of products approved by your risk and safety teams would undoubtedly make your life easier. Each of your properties can quickly and easily order the exact items they need and that you want them to have. Ordering habits can be captured and shared through purpose-built reports helping to identify problem areas or sites that may need attention.

Custom Sourcing and Solutions

Whether it’s repeat injuries, an abundance of workers comp claims, or any other safety or risk hurdles you face, we are here to help. By stocking almost 4,000 safety products, we have what you need and can get it to you quickly. If we don’t currently stock it, we will source it. If we can’t find it, we will make it. We are here to focus on finding solutions for all your safety challenges.

Safety Experts on Staff

At Front Line Safety, we have several risk management, safety, and ergonomic professionals on staff available to assist you in your program efforts. We keep our finger on the pulse of OSHA requirements and other safety mandates to help keep you and your properties safe as well as compliant.

Excellent Pricing

Through our multi-location volume purchasing and strong relationships with manufacturers, customers enjoy tremendous savings. Single source means fewer invoices/checks resulting in less labor and administrative cost. Single source allows for the ability to track, analyze and budget what you spend on safety, which is essential to the risk management decision process and elements of operations.

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